About Softfront

Softfront has been working on developing communication technology as a core business domain. We recognize that technology has been changing drastically in the era for transforming everything from a conventional technology to IP-based and connecting to networks. It is dramatically changing our lives and activities, and is also helping the society be more prosperous. We are trying to contribute to building a prosperous society and driving a social change by providing innovative technology.


Our vision is to become an interconnect expert.

We want to become a globally trusted company as a professional that connects all kinds of “things”. In a society where everything must be connected and information exchanged, in a variety of environments, various information can be connected stably and smoothly, and people around the world can work together without being bound by environmental constraints. We will strive to become a company that realizes communication that can create value.

Company logo

The letter “O” is designed to indicate the keyword “connect” that is important to the company. The corporate colors, orange and gray, are based on the idea that “we will continue to challenge with passion and honesty.”