Greeting from President & CEO

Thank you very much for your special attention.

We successfully developed “commmubo”, a communication robot with natural conversation.

We started selling on October 1, last year, and we have obtained purchase order from 11 companies to date. In addition, we are currently conducting many business talks. Due to confidentiality agreements with customers, we may not be able to announce them, but we will continue to announce the progress as much as possible. “Telmee”, an automatic phone call system, is another tool which can help companies improve work productivity. The number of orders has exceeded 30 and sales are steadily increasing. We are evolving into a technology company with voice transmission technology at the core. We will continue to invest to technology development for business growth. We look forward to your continued support.


December 20, 2019

Toru Noda, President & CEO

Softfront Holdings, Inc.